Balad Air Base

Balad Air Base


Sallyport, provides a broad spectrum of life support and logistics services to sustain effective operations at the Balad AB in Iraq, the largest air base complex in Iraq. Sallyport manages facilities operations, maintenance, repair, base engineering support, fire safety, training, medical services, communications engineering, airfield operations, morale, welfare, recreation and, crisis management, and security operations.

Sallyport provides Operations & Maintenance services, resources and management to support Balad base operations and the Iraqi Air Force Flight Management System (FMS) Program, including; planning and design, engineering assessments; program and construction management; facilities construction, IT/telecommunications, warehousing as well as engineering and management for water, wastewater, and power generation. Sallyport manages two dining facilities providing more than 6,000 meals per day to permanent, temporary, and visiting personnel.

Sallyport manages, operates, and provides all the services and support necessary to run the airfield. Services and support include:

Base Operations Services: Sallyport operates the airfield management office, airfield safety office, and the meteorology/weather office.

Base Operations and Transient Alert Support: Sallyport manages and provides base operations functions designed to provide aircrew support to arriving or departing aircrew. We are responsible for managing and coordinating all operations on the flight line.

Air Traffic Control Support: Sallyport manages and provides air traffic control services to include operating the base ATC tower,the radar approach control (RAPCON) services, aircraft ground movement control, etc. We provide ICAO-trained,experienced and certified air traffic controllers.

Airfield Ground Support: Sallyport manages and provides airfield surface OM&R services, arresting gear OM&R services, specialized airfieldvehicle & equipment OM&R services, navigational aids OM&R services, and airfield-based BASH animal control.

Aerial Port / Air Terminal Operations Services: Sallyport manages and operates air terminal, cargo operations, cargo distribution,outbound and inbound passenger movement, and air terminal information management functions.

Sallyport provides armed security forces as well as security management and supervision to protect all permanent, temporary, and assigned local national personnel, facilities, material, and equipment 24/7. We also support emergent activities that may occur such as providing security for off-site crash-site recovery, transportation to off-site aircraft operations such as aircraft emergency landings at other locations, SAT movement to mission work sites, and either partial or complete non-combatant evacuation operations (NEO). Specific Security tasks include:

  • Tactical Intelligence Support
  • Security Operations Support
  • Security Logistics Support
  • Security Plans and Programs Support
  • Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) Support Services
  • Base Perimeter Security Support
  • Restricted and Controlled Areas Security Support
  • Entry Control Point Security Support

Sallyport manages and provides emergency services such as medical services, dental services, pharmaceutical services, aviation crash recovery / firefighting and fire protection services, and ground rescue / ambulance and emergency medical technician services.

Medical / Dental / Pharmacy Services: Sallyport provides a full-time (24/7), fully equipped and staffed level III trauma center / ER capable ofhandling daily emergencies; a daytime staffed medical clinic capable of handling routine medical needs; a Western-staffed dental clinic; and aWestern-staffed pharmacy carrying the medicines to support a Level III emergency.

Fire Fighting and Protection Services: Sallyport provides full-time (24/7) emergency fire and crash services utilizing trained, experienced, andcertified firefighters. These services include but are not limited to aviation incident / crash rescue, firefighting in both aviation based fires andmission-based civil structural fires including aircraft, maintenance facilities, administrative buildings, and SAT structures.

Rescue / Ambulance / EMT Services: Sallyport manages and provides life supporting rescue services including personnel medicalproblems / incidents, ground incidents, motor vehicle incidents, pedestrian incidents, and flight line incidents. Such rescue and recovery servicesinclude incident site command, personnel extraction, emergency services provision, life support services provision during transportationand efficient turnover to other medical service providers. We respond to all mission-based emergencies to include emergencies in or aroundaircraft, administrative buildings, maintenance buildings, and living quarters.

Sallyport manage and provides Operations, Maintenance, and Repair (OM&R) actions across Balad Air Base. We provide OM&R support to cover the following functions: carpentry, masonry, paint / protective coatings, locksmith services, metal work / welding, electrical, plumbing, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), heavy equipment operations, etc. We manage and conduct all activities to repair, renovate, or construct facilities to include: plan, survey, coordinate permits, re-arrange, move, replace, and conduct minor construction and renovations projects.

Sallyport provides full-scope Life Support Services on Balad. This includes the following services:

  • Personnel Management Services
  • Life Support Admin Services
  • Billeting / Housing Services
  • Laundry Support
  • Ablution Units, Chemical Latrines and Hand wash / Sanitizing Stations
  • Dining Facility & Bottled Water Services
  • Morale / Welfare / Recreation (MWR) Support Services
  • Custodial Services
  • Pest Management Services