Sallyport provides a full suite of innovative solutions to meet the goals of any critical mission. Capabilities include rapid response/expeditionary facility construction, operations, maintenance and repair, life support, fire and emergency services, security and global risk management, procurement and logistics, and environmental services.

Balad Air Base

Location: Iraq

Sallyport, provides a broad spectrum of life support and logistics services to sustain effective operations at the Balad AB in Iraq, the largest air base complex in Iraq. Sallyport manages two dining facilities providing more than 6,000 meals per day to permanent, temporary and visiting personnel.

Al Mansour Business Center

Location: Iraq

In the Al Mansour District of Iraq, Sallyport, manages the largest secured lodging and business center compound for US Government personnel and contractors across 40 local villas. Since 2006, Sallyport has performed over 100,000 missions and provided essential mission support for more than 500 personnel.

Al Udeid Air Base

Location: Qatar

Sallyport provided comprehensive facilities management and maintenance services, supporting the mission at the Al Udeid Air Base in Doha, Qatar. Sallyport provided mission-essential support to more than 10,000 joint-combined and allied-service members.

Mazar E-Sharif and Herat Afghanistan Camps

Location: Afghanistan

Sallyport performed complete base operations support services at multiple camps in Mazar E-Sharif and Herat, Afghanistan.

Tikrit Iraq Air Base

Location: Iraq

Sallyport supported multiple commercial clients out of the Tikrit Air Base in Iraq. We provided complete base operations, life support, and security services to preserve and accomplish the mission.

Task Force Protecting Our Warfighters Electrical Resources (Power)

Location: Afghanistan

Sallyport provides electrical, fire inspection, and risk management services to the U.S. Government at more than 28 sites in Afghanistan.

Manas Air Base

Location: Kyrgyzstan

Sallyport provided integrated operations and maintenance personnel to the 376th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron. Sallyport provided all HVAC, Electrical, Utilities, Heavy Equipment, Entomology, Firefighting, and Liquid Fuels Maintenance duties including light construction, for the 376th squadron.

Air Force Contingency Augmentation Program (AFCAP)

Location: Various Locations

Since 2008, Sallyport has been providing comprehensive support services supporting the U.S. Air Force in various locations around the globe, under the Air Force Contingency Augmentation Program (AFCAP) contract vehicle.