Delivering Integrated Security and Mission Support Services Worldwide

Our Mission

Sallyport’s mission is to minimize client risk in complex environments. We do this by protecting your most critical assets and sustaining your operations – in any location, under any circumstance.  Our focus on customer mission success and performance excellence keeps our clients mission-ready, at all times.

Our Vision

Sallyport’s vision is to expand our capabilities worldwide, significantly benefiting our customers and business partners by offering enhanced solutions to meet rapidly expanding requirements. Our objective is exceeding our customer’s mission requirements while providing our employees with opportunities for professional growth.


Sallyport Definition: A secure gate or passage in a fortified place for use by troops or law enforcement.

Sallyport was founded in 2003 to support the post war reconstruction efforts in Iraq and has since expanded its operations across the globe ensuring the safety, security, and comfort of our clients worldwide.

Sallyport specializes in operations within complex environments providing expertise in life and logistics support, base operations and maintenance, security and risk management, and construction. We have successfully enabled mission success for a variety of organizations, governments, and international agencies such as: The United Nations, USAID, The World Bank, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Defense, Foreign Ministries, International Oil Companies, and a number of private clients. Since 2003, Sallyport has built a network of global partners with experience in more than 150 countries, successfully executing more than 100 different programs. Sallyport provides exceptional service to clients while maintaining the highest level of integrity and respect for the environments in which we operate.

Dedicated professionals

Global Operating Locations

Successful programs

Our values

Our success is built upon a foundation of core values that guide how we deliver value to our customersSallyport’s core values include:

Selfless Service and Customer Commitment

Sallyport’s spirit is that of service. Our leaders and employees are devoted to providing the highest quality service to customers and ensuring the success of your mission. For Sallyport, the customer always comes first.

Ethics and Integrity

We provide unwavering commitment and adherence to ethical business practices and behaviors that ensure the highest levels of integrity. We take pride in our people conducting themselves with integrity, while delivering excellence to our clients around the world. At Sallyport, it is our  commitment to conduct business honestly, ethically and in accordance with best practices and the applicable laws of the U.S. and other countries in which we operate. We are guided at all times by the highest standards of integrity, whether dealing with customers, co-workers or others. We instill a culture based on respect, loyalty, and integrity – we act ethically in all that we do.

Quality and Compliance

We provide quality through the aggressive pursuit of innovation combined with strict adherence to industry best practices that ensure quality of execution. We have implemented policies and standards that enable strict compliance with accepted international standards for law, human rights, and ethical value systems. Every employee, operation, and process is trained, monitored, and designed to deliver maximum customer value regardless of the country, the task, or the challenges we encounter. We deliver best value solutions for our clients and implement continuous improvements across all elements of our business.

Our people

Sallyport employees are our most valuable asset. We attract, train, motivate, empower, and retain the highest quality professionals in the industry. We do this by fostering a culture of respect and professional growth, providing our people with the education and development required to evolve, and rewarding their success in supporting our customer missions worldwide.